Tuesday, December 25, 2007

AidilAdha Camping

We celebrated Aidiladha differently this year. We overnite at Kem Herba, Sg. Congkak. Initially it was only an orchard full with pokok2 durian, rambutan, manggis, nangka etc. but now with its new look and image as one of the camping resorts in Sg. Congkak. Thanks to CheAh's family who manage Kem Herba. It's not an easy job.. definately!

The ladies gotong royong preparing juadah raya. We had bihun sup, rendang&lemang, bbq ikan, beef&chicken burger, fried chicken, coleslaw and fries. What a fusion menu! :-)

Cooking demonstartion by Che'Ah

And the guys 'gotong-royong' melepak...

With my cousin.. his name is not Rain.. :-)

Dedek enjoying her 'pergedel'

KakChik, who was born in his dad's Proton Saga 15 years ago.

Aliah, my blog reader ;-)

Berendam time!

Aini & Dikna

My dad was admitted again to Nefrology Unit, HKL the day after Aidiladha for a CAPD dialysis 'training'. That is the reason why I delayed my Aidiladha entry. Anyway, we had a great time during Aidiladha.

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