Thursday, January 24, 2008

Bravo Bravo Bravo

We had our 10th HPC Anniversary Dinner at Crown Princess Hotel last Friday with all the departments have to perform that nite. With only 3days practise (1 hour per session) in a very sempit place in our office, we managed to 'go all out' that nite.

Thanks to Bang Khair(Aci) & Nadarajan(Nana) & KakLin, Mastura, KakEza, Wati, Lorna (hantu2) and Yuslina (berdiri kat blakang tabir, pegang jam, burung hantu & penyapu). Everyone expected us to get the 1st place.. but we only got 2nd! Alhamdulillah.. Well, at least our CEO himself told me personally on stage "I actually like your performance" Well... what can i say.. ;-)

Klik here for more photos

Enjoy the show everyone! I'll try to get the full video, insyaAllah.

and this is the winner of the nite:



Ad said...

mm..yg 1st place tu boring skit tp dia nyanyi by their lebih enjoy dgn yang 2nd place..

mana satu akak yer?jadi apa?

Sept11 said...

Ad- Akak jadi Tuan Direktor & Artist Manager saja untuk yang 2nd place tu. Duk kat belakang tabir. We had great time that nite.