Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Saturday & Sunday


Management class from 3pm to 6pm.

- Article Review on The Islamic Work Ethic
- Group Presentation on Social Responsibility and Managerial Ethics.


Financial Accounting class from 9am to 12pm

- 2 hours Mid Term exam *(Financial Statement - Income Statement, Balance sheets, Cash Flow Statement & Ratio Analysis)
- 1 hour of Introduction to Managerial Accounting

*Ad kata kena score 85 baru ada kelas...70+ tak mainlah katanya..! Phewwww!!

Inilah sebabnya aku stay up sampai time gini. Tadi minum nescafe konon2nya biar terjaga sampai 12 midnite. Ni dah terlajak pulak.. And I have to be in the office 5 hours from now! Phewwww!!

Take care everyone. Gudnite.

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