Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Call From CEO

I did wrote about my experience with Skybus during my previous trip, in the previous entry. Maybe there is/are reader(s) who pointed out this entry to Skybus Customer Service .. thank you reader(s). As a result, this is the comment from Mr Chris S. Thiagarajah , the CEO of Skybus.

dear adibah,

my name is chris of skybus. we had sent an email to your yahoo id yesterday to call us for us to further investigate this incident. we take all feedback from our passengers seriously and respond the moment we are aware of it.

our customer service number is 0162176950 or 0162369656.

on the jadual bas at sentral and also on our website ( from sentral, after the 7pm bus, the next bus is at 8pm (not at 7:30pm as you thought); so i'm concerned if our staff did not mention this to you or point it out on the jadual on the platform wall . did this incident take place on friday 19th march?

please call us as this issue is of utmost importance to us. or sms your number and we shall call u back.
we value your support and please keep the ticket you bought as it is still valid if not detached.

terima kasih, dari skybus

On last Thursday, I received a call from Mr. Chris. Yes. From the CEO of Skybus himself. Surprised? Yes, I was. Basically he explained on about the bus schedule and the possibility of miss communication between the staffs and passengers.

Dan Mr.Chris juga bagitau yang pihak Skybus dah pun siasat dan mengambil tindakan yang sewajarnya terhadap staffs yang terbabit. Selama ni, ada jugak aku dengar komen2 dari kawan2 yang pernah travel dengan Skybus, cuma diorang tak tahu macamana nak buat aduan, mungkin. Dan Mr. Chris thanked me, for bringing up this matter. Setidak2nya pihak Skybus tahu tentang masalah pelanggan dan boleh perbaiki servis diorang in future.

On my humble opinion, to avoid any inconvenience in future, I would suggest that maybe Skybus can display the bus departure time at the windscreen itself, so that passenger could refer/see the departure time clearly.

To readers and friends who have any good or bad experience with Skybus, do feel free to write to them. Well my blogger friends.. you never know... maybe one day.. u'll get a call from a CEO.

To Mr.Chris, thank you.

Salam kasih.


mamai said...

adib suruh dia bayar duit ticket air asia tu hahahaha

Hazey said...

wah, sejuk sikit dapat call dari tuan CEO.. mintak refund babe..

zonaku said...

minta compensation on the flight ticket laaaaa...... salah pihak dia.
but, base on goodwill. It's an honour to be personally receive a call from the CEO himself.

ketara ko blogger y glamer!

edzlin007 said...

haaa camnilah baru syarikat bas yang bertanggungjawab. setuju dgn cadangan kak adibah, letak jadual di bas lagi senang nak nampak.

zino said...

sebagai tanda kemaafan tak ada tiket free ke hehe

A.K.U.D.O said...

...kita pun kena check juga depature time yg sahih.

patungcendana said...