Saturday, February 14, 2009

As Promised

This is a tag from Linn, the February lady. Promised her that I'll do it after final exam. And.. today is the day..

The rules are simple. Use GOOGLE IMAGE to search the answer to the questions below. Then you must choose a picture in the first page of the results, and post it as your answer. After that tag 6 people.

I am so tired.. Penat batuk kung kung kung!! :(

I really want to go to the beach and enjoy sunset together

My favourite place is Home Sweet Home

My old and cikai N70 is my favourite thing.. can 3G wooooo! Hiks!

Blue is my favourite color

Lin and I, loves Grey's Anantomy

My favourite drink is Cold 100 from OldTownKopiPutih.

I was born in this hospital

I live in this federal territory

And this is my hobby

Thank you.


linn said...

bagus...syabas bete. tak simpan tag lelama. hikhikhik.

adibah said...

gigih tau!!! hahaha

zino said...

takut tengok tag ni hehe

adibah said...

Zino, takut ngapa? Tag ni tak makan orang.. hehe..

cokolat said...

weyy.. ada plak n70 tu ko kata cikai nok... jangan nok!!! banyak jasa tu kan???

adibah said...

Cok, aku saja je psiko tepon ni.. biar nanti tak meragam dah..! Hehe.. Memang banyak jasa nok.. :-)

kajangmaliterkedupening said...

lamakkk ...otak i naper kosong je nih, tak berfungsi langsung...zino, minta tolong kasi idea i nak tulis pe nih.....

adibah said...


Terkedu tengok yang mana satu? Yang jalan tepi pantai tu best kan? :-)